Monday, June 11, 2012

A few things

Okay, so GBM says I am being selective in my recounting of tales because I am choosing to not mention the amount of idiotic things that I have done in the last few days...


  • I went on a mini-rage because I couldn't find any cooking utensils (spatula, cooking spoon etc), on more than one occasion and got particularly irate when GBM didn't seem to show any concern. What I didn't know is that he thought my rampage was only a mock-rage, because... um... there is a full cooking set in the corner of our kitchen counter, complete with spagetti spork/strainer thing, spatula, straining spoon, soup spoon, the works. Which, for the better part of a week where I have been pretty much no where else outside of our one-bedroomed apartment, I completely failed to register. I swear I would've found them if they'd been hidden in one of our cupboards, rather than standing there... next to the cooker. 
  • When cleaning up this weekend, I took the bread board on to the balcony to distribute the crumbs to the birds. Instead of just brushing the crumbs over the edge, I chucked them with my usual enthusiasm. Unfortunately, in my exuberance, I threw the chopping board too. As I let go, I registered what I was doing. Fortunately, the fact that we're technically on the ground floor (and our "balcony" is elevated all of 1.5m), there wasn't too much damage I could do by flinging a board off the edge. Also fortunately, the security guard, who usually sits in the shade just below our flat, was not there. Otherwise my little lapse in concentration would've been more than a brain-spasmodical anecdote.
  • Speaking of brain spasms... when I go to the shops, I like to take a nice big handbag and use it to load up as many of my groceries as possible, to minimise the need for plastic bags, plus less bags to carry. So while standing at the till on Saturday, I started packing some of the smaller items into my bag... before they had been scanned.... in front of GBM, the teller and the shop manager. Not embarrassing at all. All I could was look sheepish - I can't even say I don't know what I was thinking... I know full well what I was thinking, a great big steaming pile of NOTHING. Completely vacuous.
  • My last and most embarrassing moment was inadvertently leaving a 1% tip at a restaurant. After a nice lunch out, GBM went to the loo while I paid and then sauntered off. When discussing how much the meal had cost, GBM quickly figured out that instead of 5000 as intended, I had left 500 Tsh for a 45000 Tsh meal. I was mortified. I had effectively tipped the poor bugger a grand total of R2,50 for a substantial meal and service. I made GBM turn around so I could go back and pay the rest, but since then I've not been left in charge of bills (for good reason). 
So there you have it. My list of brain farts and concentration seizures. For those who are thinking it (yes, I can read your collective mind), I categorically state that I am not up the duff. If anything my neurons are demyelinating from the heat, and social isolation. That's my excuse and I'm sticking with it. 

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